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MERP: Carrock-en-bar

Sigrbrand, Guthbrand, and Ruti have defeated the assassins Edorhill and Toska. The three surviving lancers are Edric, Mince, and Johnboy. Miena and Erkram are also safe, as is their hostage, Thalian. The party searches the area and finds mention of … Continue reading

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There were no borders in the Middle Ages

That’s what Matthew Gabriele says, anyways, in this week’s Forbes ( Really? I have a feeling that people definitely knew where their territory began and where it ended, and they defended those vociferously. That is true of most humans, including … Continue reading

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JOURNEYMAN: The Final Chapter aboard Ship

The party started on deck 8 of the Dorsal section. There was no gravity, no light, and no computer, until they reached the Jungle, which took up the bulk of Deck 8 in the Primary Hull. In the jungle, there … Continue reading

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