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The Dog and The Sparrow

When our kids were smaller, we read them the entire Grimm’s Fairy Tales, a translation of unexpurgated original version. We also read them Andrew Lang’s various fairy books: The Pink Fairy Book, The Red Fairy Book, etc. The tales were … Continue reading

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Transitioning from Dungeonmaster to Player

For most of the years I’ve spent gaming, I’ve been the DM. The last time I played in an extended campaign was almost thirty years ago. I’ve played in a few games since then, but nothing more than 2-3 game … Continue reading

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In Praise of Dwarves

I loved the Lord of the Rings’ movies. They did a great job with Gandalf, nailed the hobbits, and did well with Boromir. Strider was fantastic. Legolas was a bit over the top, but ok, I can accept that. The … Continue reading

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The Ourgikon are on the Pathfinder SRD

I expanded the description slightly (more allies/enemies) and uploaded the description of the race to the Pathfinder System Reference Document (SRD). It can be found at Faramundo’s Lab under Community Creations. If you haven’t looked at the Pathfinder SRD, check … Continue reading

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Kleplok, a Monster from Journeyman

Journeyman is my gaming system. It divides creatures into Animals, Aliens, Demons, Faeries, and the Undead. The Kleplok is a demon, and a relatively common one. My system is based on d10, so just double everything for d20. Appearance: “Peering … Continue reading

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Looking for New Monsters?

Then take a look at the Creature Spot, if you haven’t already. A number of talented folks have posted their creature creations. The one at the right is by Stan Manoukian, who excels at mushroom-like creatures for your Fungus Forest. … Continue reading

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On Palfreys and Destriers

Most of us don’t have much experience with horses these days. Horses, buggies, carriages and eventually even wagons disappeared after the introduction of automobiles and tractors, and the majority of Americans have been raised in urban settings since 1920. I … Continue reading

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