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Terry Jones & the Great Map Mystery

This is a four part BBC2 series on John Ogleby’s Britannia (1675), which Terry describes as the world’s first road atlas. There are of course earlier road maps, but I think Terry names it this way because it has a … Continue reading

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Treasure Generators for Pathfinder

Generating treasure in Pathfinder can be difficult, especially because of the rapid growth of the game. There are d20 and 3.5 lists and generators out there, but Pathfinder’s growth makes those less than complete. There are charts in the Pathfinder … Continue reading

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Selling Wizard Spells in Greyhawk, Pathfinder Style

As an aspiring wizard in our Greyhawk campaign, Jarik Loretongue is trying to make ends meet. To do this, he’s started selling spells in the various towns we visit. He puts up flyers advertising Jarik Loretongue’s Famous Spells. Profit so … Continue reading

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The Greyhawk Campaign, Part 4

The party continued on to the fort and then continued its role as bounty hunters, killing a few more goblins and a gargoyle. Jarik’s petrified cat Tom went onto a shelf until he saved enough bread to pay the local … Continue reading

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Horrible Histories

If you haven’t yet discovered the Horrible Histories tv show, you really should. You can find it on YouTube. It is a British tv show for children, but of course being a rather large child, I like it too. Here’s … Continue reading

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