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Great Gloranthan Maps

Check out The Children of Kings site. It is the home of a Runequest campaign in Glorantha by Jonathan Quaife in Leight, United Kingdoms. His Maps page includes some marvelous new maps of Glorantha, designed to look like the UK’s … Continue reading

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In which I remember why I moved away from Experience Points…

So last night’s game reminded me again why I stopped using D&D: Experience Points. The quest for experience points really flavors the game. Here’s what it does: 1. Makes characters kill everything they can. 2. Makes characters gather as much … Continue reading

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The Ankheg, More Evidence that Old School is Better

Why can’t they leave my beloved monsters alone? The DM showed me a picture of the Ankheg we encountered yesterday, and I was taken aback. It was nothing like the monster of my memory. Here’s how they have changed… This … Continue reading

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The Greyhawk Campaign, Report 2

Our time spent at Greyhawk City was largely bookkeeping in nature. We received half payment for completing the task but not in the way intended. The thief joined the Thieve’s Guild and passed the test for apprentice with flying colors. … Continue reading

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The Greyhawk Campaign, Report 1

So we’re three sessions into our Greyhawk Domain campaign. Here’s a brief rundown on it, just for fun. I play Jarek Loretongue (N), an elven mage of the Goldenmead family that runs an inn along Jewel River. Arizha (CN) is … Continue reading

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