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Roll20: Finally some Character Portraits of Color

I create all my own minis for Roll20 using pictures of actual minis or character portraits. The residents of my world Navah do not discriminate by skin color, and there is a lot more color in the population. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading

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COC: Some minis

I made up a few more minis for the Call of Cthulhu campaign. For the travel map, I added a steam engine, a Ford tri-motor airplane, and a truck from the First World War.

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More Minis for

Having moved to Cortland, New York, we’re keeping our old Boston gaming group going on Roll20. MERP figures aren’t too much of a problem, because I have a lot of minis I edited for my Navah fantasy campaign. I did … Continue reading

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Miniatures for the Grand Melee

In order to have 60 fighters on the field at the same time, and to keep track of their stats and injuries, seemed a daunting task, so I created some new miniatures that are more like war game tokens. each … Continue reading

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More Paper Miniatures

Ok, here’s some more I’ve been working on. First the Gamma World Post-Apocalypse ones… Next, some women in armor, and a couple of guys. Enjoy!

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If you have too much money laying around…

You could do worse than set up gaming rooms like this for you and your friends to enjoy. Holy cow! And here’s the set-up that blows my mind. Lovely set-up, lovely room!

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Gamma World Minis

I’ve been working on Gamma World style minis for my campaign on Roll20, and thought I’d share a few out. Here they are:

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