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MERP: A Meeting in Dilgul

After some behind the scenes emails, the conflict between Drogo and Delcaran is resolved peacefully, and both go their separate ways. The party is reformed, with Grafarlig the dwarven warrior and Feldenaith the Dorwinian rogue to remain as the core … Continue reading

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Stric Evilknife, Team killing, and Violence

I don’t allow team-killing in my games, largely because of personal experience. In-Character (IC) trauma can lead to Out-of-Character (OOC) conflict, as Sarah Bowman writes about in her article on social conflict in role-playing communities I think it also comes from my … Continue reading

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Middle Earth Collectible Card Game (MECCG) Index

At, there is a list of the cards for MECCG, but they are not linked. Below is that same list (last updated Nov. 2, 2009), but in linkable format, so they are easier to go through. Enjoy!  STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_A_Hero_Stewards-of-Gondor_(Saruman+Orc-Troll-hazards).txt STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_B_Hero_Release-the-Prisoners_(Alatar+Corruption-Undead-hazards).txt STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_C_Hero_Dwarven-Quest_(Pallando+Animal-hazards).txt … Continue reading

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NAVAH: Escape from Amidst

The party begin with a few more random summonings. The first was a Nokkes, an invisible fairy whom the party deemed too silly. The next was a rather regal white rat, whom Josette bound, and who later proved to be … Continue reading

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MERP: Exploring the Ways

Before the party began to explore the caverns, Drogo first flew up to the top of the island and picked out a teleportation spot on the 80 m. tall tower. Then he returned. Delcarnan casted shade on the area, making … Continue reading

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