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French Role-Playing

I’ve always enjoyed buying British rpg material. Their fanzines are eclectic, their humor jaded, and their modules tinged with Old World folklore. The French, well, I love Donjon comics of course; I love everything from Joann Sfar. But I haven’t … Continue reading

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Hand-painted Beasts from Melita Curphy

Speaking of monsters, this one is pretty cool. She’s got a lot more at her Web store, all pretty reasonably priced.

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New Monsters from A.J. Fosik

Ok, ok, they’re supposed to be art. But we all know that their best use is as new monsters to bedevil our players. This is one of A.J. Fosik’s new pieces currently on display at the David B. Smith Gallery … Continue reading

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Creating Beautiful Planetary Maps

Ian Stead does some amazing work with planet design, and then puts out the standard Traveller flat map format as well. He uses Cosmic Pack III, which is from a British company called Digital Heavens. It is an artist’s tool … Continue reading

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RPG Kickstarters

Finding it tough to keep track of all the RPG projects on Kickstarter? RPGKickstarters will do it for you. I don’t think I’ll be putting stuff there, because it looks like Monte Cook stole most of my thunder with Numenera. … Continue reading

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For the Need of the One

This is an oldie but a goodie, before they brought Spock back from the dead. Ignore Kirk’s toupee and enjoy the tune from Julia Ecklar. For the Need of the One Julia Ecklar You were there for those reasons uncounted, … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing Voice Talent

Mike Bohlmann has some interesting ideas about developing richer media sets to accompany modules. He’s used his Kickstarter page to pay for voice talent, which gave me a thought. I wondered if there was any place crowd-sourcing voice talent. I … Continue reading

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