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Magic the Gathering Cards for the Cold War

The Spanish blog 1d10 en la mochila posted a set of cards based on Magic the Gathering but aimed at re-enacting the Cold War. Natxo corrected me on these. Originally I thought he had created these for his 4th grade … Continue reading

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Thinking about Experience Levels and Journeyman

Journeyman doesn’t have levels. It is a skill-based system where characters accrue expertise through training over time. Some characters accrue those skills faster than others.  There are four types of people: Background, Colorful, Significant, and Heroic. The difference between these … Continue reading

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Roleplaying “The Expanse,” SSICSIM style

I was doing a web search for material on The Expanse, the science fiction book and SyFy television series, when I came across the SSICSIM site. SSICSIM stands for Secondary School Interactive Crisis Simulation. Founded in 2011, it is an … Continue reading

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Creative Juices

Two webcomics just appeared at the same time that illustrate the DM’s Dilemma: Do I kill the party to satisfy my ego or do I satisfy my ego by demonstrating how awesome I am in other ways? Check it out: … Continue reading

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MERP: Still in the Damn Castle

The party is faltering. Jor has been captured. Araluth, Elentari, and Hanrammr are badly wounded and fighting four orcs on the stairs. And Tum is running higher and higher in the tower. Jor is taken before the goblin chief and … Continue reading

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Mutant World: A Problem for the Party

At the end of the game last week, the party was stopped by a force that turned anything that crossed the final feet of the tunnel into a cloud of powder. Here’s the problem they face: A mile-long steam tunnel … Continue reading

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My Gaming Style

I’ve now been running my Mutant World campaign for a few sessions and it has given me a lot to think about. I’m running it largely out of nostalgia for Gamma World in the 1980s, and I started with GW … Continue reading

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