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So you want to run a horror RPG…

Originally posted on Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett:
My contribution to the first volume of the Uncaged anthology is Galateya’s Will, a horror-themed adventure based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion. In the introduction to the adventure I mention the use of safety…

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Games that are better than novels

Dungeoncraft #56 tries to explain why rpgs aren’t novels. I think he’s right, up to a point. But only the point where my games begin. I’ll explain, but first, here’s his explanation. So he’s very definitely right about most D&D … Continue reading

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On the Nature of the Journeyman System

I’m getting ready to run a new Navah campaign using Journeyman, my gaming system. So people are starting to ask again what Journeyman is about, and that is a difficult question to answer. Journeyman is a system I’ve built up … Continue reading

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The Elder Sign and its Uses

The Elder Sign is a line with five branches, invested with spiritual energy (2 POW). The drawing to the right is how Lovecraft initially pictured it. It is a potent protection against the servants of the Great Old Ones when … Continue reading

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Losing a Limb & Game Lethality

I just read an old blog by Omer G. Joel on lethality in gaming.  and it made me think. I disagree with Omer that lethality is the central argument. Omer praises roguelike video games, and seems to imply that tabletop … Continue reading

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There were no borders in the Middle Ages

That’s what Matthew Gabriele says, anyways, in this week’s Forbes ( Really? I have a feeling that people definitely knew where their territory began and where it ended, and they defended those vociferously. That is true of most humans, including … Continue reading

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MERP: A Meeting in Dilgul

After some behind the scenes emails, the conflict between Drogo and Delcaran is resolved peacefully, and both go their separate ways. The party is reformed, with Grafarlig the dwarven warrior and Feldenaith the Dorwinian rogue to remain as the core … Continue reading

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