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How often can I roll that?

I was playing in a D&D 5e game last night and when told that they couldn’t pick a lock, or bend a bar, or break a chain, the players just kept rolling until they could. That destroyed a lot of … Continue reading

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On Designing Your Own System

I started designing my rpg system a long time ago, mostly to please myself. I was fortunately enough to have players who kept playing in it, even as I constantly changed the rules, sometimes drastically. I finally got the system … Continue reading

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So you want to run a horror RPG…

Originally posted on Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett:
My contribution to the first volume of the Uncaged anthology is Galateya’s Will, a horror-themed adventure based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion. In the introduction to the adventure I mention the use of safety…

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Games that are better than novels

Dungeoncraft #56 tries to explain why rpgs aren’t novels. I think he’s right, up to a point. But only the point where my games begin. I’ll explain, but first, here’s his explanation. So he’s very definitely right about most D&D … Continue reading

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On the Nature of the Journeyman System

I’m getting ready to run a new Navah campaign using Journeyman, my gaming system. So people are starting to ask again what Journeyman is about, and that is a difficult question to answer. Journeyman is a system I’ve built up … Continue reading

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The Elder Sign and its Uses

The Elder Sign is a line with five branches, invested with spiritual energy (2 POW). The drawing to the right is how Lovecraft initially pictured it. It is a potent protection against the servants of the Great Old Ones when … Continue reading

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Losing a Limb & Game Lethality

I just read an old blog by Omer G. Joel on lethality in gaming.  and it made me think. I disagree with Omer that lethality is the central argument. Omer praises roguelike video games, and seems to imply that tabletop … Continue reading

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