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One Weird Cave (a free generic downloadable dungeon adventure)

Thanks to Dave Millar’s map generator, I can now quickly create a map. To celebrate, here a short dungeon adventure as a free download. It is very generic and can work with D&D, Journeyman, Traveller, etc. Just right click on … Continue reading

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Roland, and the origin of Paladins

In D&D, Paladins are a lawful good fighter dedicated to God in the 1st edition or to their God(s) in 2nd edition. There were originally twelve Paladins, the Twelve Peers, the best of King Charlemagne’s warriors. The Paladins were the … Continue reading

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Memories of the Scarab of Death

Ok, I found this image while surfing the wild web and thought I had to share. I don’t know the background, but it definitely is the sort of thing we used to rely upon in D&D. This reminds me of … Continue reading

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