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Ullako: Wonder and Watercolors

Ulla Thynell (Ullako) does charming watercolor and pen & ink drawings. This one is among my favorites.

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Tulikoura: An Artist Recommendation

Joona Kujanen (aka. Tulikoura) does lovely pen and ink illustrations of battles and Tolkien moments. If you like gritty, detailed, stark images, take a look at his work. Below is a battle image that I really liked. Click on the … Continue reading

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Missing Limbs and Magic Items

So, a lot of work went into the game before this last adventure. My wife made it clear she was tired of having people’s arms and legs hacked off, since the party had to trudge back to town to have … Continue reading

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You’ve Got to Pick-a-Pocket or Two (from Oliver, 1968)

That same college friend also introduced me to the musical Oliver. Great stuff, and especially this song, which should be a thief’s theme song. [FAGIN (spoken)] You see, Oliver… [sung] In this life, one thing counts In the bank, large … Continue reading

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Silver Horn (JF Murphy & Salt, 1972)

Back in my college days, a friend of mine had a stack of old LPs. This was on one of them, a live performance by JF Murphy & Salt. I have an mp3 of my old taped version of that … Continue reading

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Ithkos (Incredible String Band, 1974)

This progressive rock epic is one that has stuck with me for a long time. I still love listening to it when I’m writing. In addition, I just found this bit of a documentary on the band and their discussion … Continue reading

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AD&D Experience Part 7: Still Trying to Get into the Lost City

Ah yes, now I remember this adventure. One of the hardest parts is getting into the dungeon! The party tried first one cave then another, each time giving up due to overwhelming odds. They attacked the main gate, defeated it, … Continue reading

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