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Reviews from R’lyeh on Fanzines

Pookie’s blog Reviews from R’lyeh has a great feature called Fanzine Focus. With the nostalgia around classic gaming, or the Old School Renaissance as he calls it, there have been a plethora of fanzines that have erupted as well. In … Continue reading

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The Original Lost Delights, a BBS from 1989

I found this going through my files. It is an ad for the original Lost Delights, which was a bulletin board service (BBS) I ran before the days of the web. I had a 1200 baud modem, which was not … Continue reading

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Resources in the Internet Archive

I was cruising the web this morning and stumbled across a lot of fan-created resources saved on the Internet Archive, including the old net books. Here’s the ones most appealing to an old school gamer like me: Traveller fanzines, including … Continue reading

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