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Peter’s Software for Traveller & Harn

Peter Kreft of Siegen, Germany, has been developing executable utilities for Traveller and Harn since 2017. He also has one for GURPS 4. His page is and is worth a look if you’re interested in those.

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On the Nature of the Journeyman System

I’m getting ready to run a new Navah campaign using Journeyman, my gaming system. So people are starting to ask again what Journeyman is about, and that is a difficult question to answer. Journeyman is a system I’ve built up … Continue reading

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COC: The Tomb of Nophru-Ka

The party decided to kill the Byakhee. Reginald approached it with his Holland & Holland elephant gun, while Billy used his camel to hold the lassoed horror down. As Reginald took aim, it launched itself from the ground, trying wrench … Continue reading

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