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Mockman’s Works, Gathered

Matt Schmeer gathered Mockman’s various works and linked to them at  Check it out!

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Front Gate

Liz Danforth ( is looking good too!

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Forward my Gallant Steed

Bill McLean ( has still got it.

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An Ankheg Queen by Caio Monteiro

A while back I talked about how old D&D monsters kept mutating as new artists got a hold of them. The Ankheg was what set me off in old-timer grumpiness, but here’s a new image of the Ankheg I liked. … Continue reading

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Middle Earth Collectible Card Game (MECCG) Index

At, there is a list of the cards for MECCG, but they are not linked. Below is that same list (last updated Nov. 2, 2009), but in linkable format, so they are easier to go through. Enjoy!  STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_A_Hero_Stewards-of-Gondor_(Saruman+Orc-Troll-hazards).txt STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_B_Hero_Release-the-Prisoners_(Alatar+Corruption-Undead-hazards).txt STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_C_Hero_Dwarven-Quest_(Pallando+Animal-hazards).txt … Continue reading

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Dug Stanat’s Creepy Clayworks

I stumbled over The Art of Dug Stanat in a search for new critters to challenge my players. He has a lot of fun stuff there, and he does commissions and sells his work so you may want to patronize … Continue reading

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The Mound of Dead Bards

While writing my preceding post, I came across this image, which I just had to share. If you haven’t watch The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008), do yourself a favor and rent it or find it on YouTube.

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