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NAVAH: Arriving in Amidst

The party’s visit to Amidst took a dark turn when the party encountered misbehaving villagers. As the party reached the end of the tunnel, Alexios spotted silver coins, bones, and armor scattered near the entrance. He scooped up a bag … Continue reading

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Savage Worlds Greyhawks: Traps, Traps, Traps

Pirouline’s player is sick tonight and can’t make it, so the elf is deemed to be receiving a magic lesson from the Kobold Queen. “I’m learning magic,” he says. The two goblins in the next room are startled by the … Continue reading

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MERP: Isles of Rhunaer (Sea of Rhun)

The most detailed map for the Sea of Rhun in publication is pretty sketchy, at least for Nabal Mayzri, where our adventures are roaming (below). Since we’re playing in the region, I thought we needed a better map. We are … Continue reading

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MERP: Drogo’s Aerie

Now that Drogo Longfoot is an accomplished teleporter (Lofty Bridge in MERP), and he is back in Nabal Mazry, he’s planning on settling down a bit. He has hired workers to prepare a cave system in an 80′ tall stone … Continue reading

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MERP: Drogo’s Homecoming

The party advanced to third level in the town of Dilgul on the edge of the Sea of Rhun.  Feldenaith learned more of traps and lockpicking, acting, and cookery. Delcaran learned Earth Law, and rhetoric. Grafarlig trained in a variety … Continue reading

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A Jorune Timeline (in Excel)

I got reading about Jorune again, and found myself taking “6600 Years of Jorune” and putting it into Excel form. For anyone who wants it, here is the Jorune Timeline. Joe Adams’ post in his blog Jorune is a Mental … Continue reading

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Reviews from R’lyeh on Fanzines

Pookie’s blog Reviews from R’lyeh has a great feature called Fanzine Focus. With the nostalgia around classic gaming, or the Old School Renaissance as he calls it, there have been a plethora of fanzines that have erupted as well. In … Continue reading

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Silk Road game for K12 classes

I love games that teach, so I was thrilled to find Natxo’s Silk Road game. I had done something similar with the Oregon Trail in a college freshman U.S. history class I taught. This gives me some ideas about adapting … Continue reading

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NAVAH: Hamond Scawsby, Ghoul

The party re-entered the caverns of Sely Stodeley, Master Necromancer, after healing in Kukgul. They explored the few caves they had not seen earlier, but found nothing but trouble. First they were attacked by a disembodied knife, and though the … Continue reading

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