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Old Wômarin Dictionary, detailing the language of the Farthest East in Middle Earth

This dictionary was developed from the words shared atômarin, but builds upon those.  Old Wômarin was descended from Dragon Speech (D.S.) and bears a great resemblance to that language, so the Wômaw were essentially speaking Auld Wyrmish. I created this … Continue reading

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Further Shaming of the Hobbit

I just couldn’t resist. This one made sense to me — except for all the dragons.

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Well, I went to the latest Hobbit movie (Desolation of Smaug) with the lowest of hopes, I thought. Not low enough as it turns out. About 20-30 minutes of the movie come from the book — the rest is made … Continue reading

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Middle Earth Maps on Google Earth

The Chrome Experience has put together an interactive version of the Middle Earth map. The 3d animations are fun, but the rest of it isn’t as good as I hoped. A real (but ugly) Middle Earth map on Google Earth … Continue reading

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