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Stone are My Walls

I got into an argument with the missus, who claimed that the performances on the Shai Dorsai! CD were different from those on the Songs of the Dorsai album from 1983. I claimed they were exactly the same and used … Continue reading

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MERP: Westward, to the Misty Mountains

I thought we working our way through the MERP module, Goblin-Gate and Eagle’s Eyrie from ICE. Our DM of course is a tricky fellow and has created his own adventures around the same locations, so there are no spoilers below. … Continue reading

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Baby Cakes – Role Play Tournament (Be Aggressive)

It is the holiday season, and so of course this started running through my head. Enjoy! Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. Just one girlie at the tourney and it’s kill or be killed. The Dungeon Master is … Continue reading

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The Seventh Seal by Scott Walker

I stumbled onto this song during my expeditions into the depths of YouTube. An over-produced bit of weirdness from the 1960s, but for some reason it grows on me. So I’m sharing it out for you folks, who might dig … Continue reading

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Nerd Music

Ok, I just have to share this site I just found. The site is 20-sided Rhymes, and it includes full downloads of some great D&D nerd music. The king of this genre is MC Frontalot, with my favorite rhyme being … Continue reading

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The Wizard of Macke Town

Another oldie but goodie (1986) from Bill Sutton, Robin Petrie, & Catherine Cook:

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A Grazing Mace

A silly fun song. The words in the video are slightly different those I knew, which are below: A Grazing Mace A grazing mace, how sweet the blow That killed a wretch like me. I once was up but now … Continue reading

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