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NAVAH: Homecoming’s End

The party gathers at Josette’s covenant, with Josette, Ian, Brendan, Adrian, Glern, and Skorch. They plan to parley with the vampires, and try to give back the items they stole from her. But Hegelina has been planning her revenge for … Continue reading

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MERP: Mahala Redmane

One night, late at the Flippery Fish, gnoshing on finely browned tater tots, the party planned their next move. Three of Oldahr’s rangers — Sentalos, Avalas, Lintario – keep strangers from the table.  At the table is Elias (Sam Elliot), … Continue reading

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An Ankheg Queen by Caio Monteiro

A while back I talked about how old D&D monsters kept mutating as new artists got a hold of them. The Ankheg was what set me off in old-timer grumpiness, but here’s a new image of the Ankheg I liked. … Continue reading

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