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DnD 5e

First, let me point out that DnD usage has now outstripped D&D. DnD 5e gets 5.98 million hits on Google, while D&D 5e gets only 2.66 million. Blame Wizards of the Coast, as they spell it that way too at … Continue reading

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The Redcliff Chronicles

Every once in a while I have the joy of discovering a well-crafted campaign, either as a party journal or as a collection of DM resources. Today I had the pleasure of finding the Redcliff Chronicles, a series of small … Continue reading

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Prophet by Simon Roy

Remember that awful comic by Rob Liefeld? Well this has almost nothing in common. The art is by Simon Roy from Vancouver, and is spectacular and foreign. Roy really lays out some alien worlds and the story is just as … Continue reading

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When to Lie to the DM

Lying is not always a bad thing for a player. Many DMs are extraordinarily fair and give the players every chance to succeed. Lying to those DMs is a crime, because their primary purpose is to create a memorable tale … Continue reading

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D&D Next, 2nd adventure

Sirianndur of Greywood stayed in hiding near the mine while the rest of the players went back to town to heal and equip. The elf managed to bag another goblin who cautiously investigated the outside of the mine, but the … Continue reading

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By the Book

I found a fun web comic called By the Book. A group of monsters turns adventurers, and some silly but richly illustrated adventures ensue. If you like dungeon crawls or rpgs at all, the first story is a fun one. … Continue reading

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D&D Classic Dungeon Walkthrough Maps

I’ve mentioned these wonderful maps before, but there is a great new opportunity to get prints of the Mock Man Press dungeon walkthrough maps. If you fondly remember Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (my personal favorite), Isle of Dread, Lost … Continue reading

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