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A science fiction game from the late 1970s.

Traveller: Mixing Cthulhu with the Kinunir

I managed to lose my notes for my adventure tonight, so instead we thought about what to play. Known Worlds Conquest? Holmesian D&D? Mao? Once Upon a Time? Ultimately Richard mentioned he always wanted to play Traveller or Call of … Continue reading

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Traveller: Sentient Races Statistics

Back in the 1980s I made up a list of sentient races for Traveller, both the canon races (Hiver, K’Kree, etc.) and non-canon stuff from Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve added a couple since then, and made it available … Continue reading

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Peter’s Software for Traveller & Harn

Peter Kreft of Siegen, Germany, has been developing executable utilities for Traveller and Harn since 2017. He also has one for GURPS 4. His page is and is worth a look if you’re interested in those.

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TRAVELLER: Trojan Reach

Our party was small — just myself (a Vargr corsair with 2 Starburst for Extraordinary Heroism) and a Qwab (Newt) diplomat on Pallindrome. We were embedded with 2nd squad in the servant of Baroness Gloriana, along with another Vargr, and … Continue reading

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TRAVELLER: Preparing for Old School game in Trojan Reach

So we’re getting ready for a Classic Traveller game set in the Trojan Reach. I dug around and found my copy of Galactic 24c so I can act as navigator on my laptop, where I’ve installed dosbox. I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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Enjoying “The Expanse”

We started watching The Expanse this weekend, and are greatly enjoying it. A complex story with few major problems (so far). It is a SyFy channel series, and is a hard sf space opera involving a Cold War between Earth … Continue reading

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Resources in the Internet Archive

I was cruising the web this morning and stumbled across a lot of fan-created resources saved on the Internet Archive, including the old net books. Here’s the ones most appealing to an old school gamer like me: Traveller fanzines, including … Continue reading

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In which I remember why I moved away from Experience Points…

So last night’s game reminded me again why I stopped using D&D: Experience Points. The quest for experience points really flavors the game. Here’s what it does: 1. Makes characters kill everything they can. 2. Makes characters gather as much … Continue reading

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French Role-Playing

I’ve always enjoyed buying British rpg material. Their fanzines are eclectic, their humor jaded, and their modules tinged with Old World folklore. The French, well, I love Donjon comics of course; I love everything from Joann Sfar. But I haven’t … Continue reading

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Creating Beautiful Planetary Maps

Ian Stead does some amazing work with planet design, and then puts out the standard Traveller flat map format as well. He uses Cosmic Pack III, which is from a British company called Digital Heavens. It is an artist’s tool … Continue reading

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