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The Path of a Hero

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal had a great cartoon about the hero’s path.

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Some Great Blogs to Visit

In case you haven’t seen them already, here’s two other great sites to visit. A Book of Creatures ( is a wonderful collection of creatures and monsters drawn from a wide variety of folklore. Recent additions come from the Congo, … Continue reading

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In Memorium: The Lost Delights BBS

I just read an article from The Atlantic that brought back some memories. This blog is named after my Bulletin Board Service (BBS) from 1989, also called Lost Delights. It hosted conversations about role-playing games, which obviously have been my … Continue reading

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How Gamma World grew into Mutant World

I loved Gamma World (GW) when I was younger, but when I started digging into the rules again to prepare for a new campaign, I found both things I liked, and things I didn’t. I was delighted to find so … Continue reading

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