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Introduction to Mutant World

For those of you about to play in the Wasteland Wilderness campaign on Roll20, this is your starting information. More will come soon. Long in the past, there was a great cataclysm, the nature of which is not really known. … Continue reading

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Stereotypes in Science Fiction TV Shows

I was watching the old Andromeda tv show and suddenly realized that the prime characters were very much the same as those on Firefly. So I started thinking about stock characters in tv science fiction. Here’s some comparisons I came … Continue reading

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The Cartoons that Shaped my Childhood

My role-playing (and my brain for that matter!) were shaped by the cartoons of my childhood. Most of those you probably know: Spiderman, Star Trek, Space:1999, and of course the classic Looney Tunes, for example: and of course, “I guess … Continue reading

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Thoughts about Pathfinder

I’m playing Pathfinder again, this time with my wife. There’s a local DM and a table-top group, which is always fun. Pathfinder has got a ton of adventures available, but I don’t think I would ever want to DM it … Continue reading

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National Geographic’s Map of Medieval England

This is a fantastic map, and would make a great tool for a game of Pendragon. Check out a huge version of this map at

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