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Role-playing (Immersion) vs. Social Gaming (Pizza & Pretzels)

I was reminded last night that there is a difference in how I play in different campaigns. When there is a deeply detailed fantasy world that I can buy into, I emphasize role-playing over social gaming. That means I enjoy … Continue reading

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Dyson’s Refrigerator Dice

Dyson made some simple and attractive refrigerator magnets out of dice. Check it out!

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Swords in Role-Playing Games

I’m in the middle of rewriting my rpg from top to bottom, so I went a bit nuts and did a lot of research on swords. I discovered, after many years of role-playing, that rpgs indiscriminately mix weapons from different … Continue reading

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Runequest 6 Orlanthi Combat Styles (plus Dark Sun)

I like the use of combat styles to preserve the feel of different cultures in RQ6, but there isn’t a lot of guidance about what makes up those combat styles. Page 80 of the Essentials book has some samples. I … Continue reading

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Runequest 6 Character Generation Excel Chart

I am working up a character for Runequest 6, which is quite different from the 2nd edition I used to play. More races are available as characters, but with few rules on how to modify the stats. No worries, that … Continue reading

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I had a chance to play Sertorius last night and enjoyed the system, probably because of its many similarities to Runequest and hence to my own homebrew system. The single rulebook is well-organized and thorough (lots of information on the … Continue reading

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Resources in the Internet Archive

I was cruising the web this morning and stumbled across a lot of fan-created resources saved on the Internet Archive, including the old net books. Here’s the ones most appealing to an old school gamer like me: Traveller fanzines, including … Continue reading

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