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MERP: 1st Adventure in Middle Earth

We started a new campaign today in the northern reaches of Gondor, in the March of Maethelburg. Mike was the DM, with a modified MERP rpg system. The characters were Araluth of Rhudaur (Dakin), a ranger; his wife Elentari (Jennifer), … Continue reading

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Mutant World: Modified Radiation & Poison Rules

After killing both Sheldon and Melvin off in the Mutant World campaign, I resolved to modify the Poison and Radiation charts. There’s now an antidote for radiation, though the players probably won’t have it. There’s also no direct “Death” results, … Continue reading

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Mutant World: Survivors of Hawk’s Nest

Today’s adventure started well, with the party gaining 20,000 cr. in trade at Mourne in exchange for the mini-gun they had found. Both Corinne and Growler received special instructions about how the PSH fort of Hawk’s Nest had been conquered … Continue reading

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Rolisteam – A Nice Virtual Tabletop

More and more I learn how much the gaming community has matured, largely through the wonderful projects that I stumble across. When doing one of my periodic searches for roleplaying materials in French (search for “Jeux de roles” if you … Continue reading

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If you have too much money laying around…

You could do worse than set up gaming rooms like this for you and your friends to enjoy. Holy cow! And here’s the set-up that blows my mind. Lovely set-up, lovely room!

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Mutant World: The Death of Sheldon

Sheldon, having recovered from the flechette damage that tore away half of his face and from the Firebelly Arn burns that crisped it again, decided to search a building filled with a green viscous liquid. As he recovered from his … Continue reading

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