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Enjoying “The Expanse”

We started watching The Expanse this weekend, and are greatly enjoying it. A complex story with few major problems (so far). It is a SyFy channel series, and is a hard sf space opera involving a Cold War between Earth … Continue reading

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The Seventh Seal by Scott Walker

I stumbled onto this song during my expeditions into the depths of YouTube. An over-produced bit of weirdness from the 1960s, but for some reason it grows on me. So I’m sharing it out for you folks, who might dig … Continue reading

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Avenger of the Seven Seas

After desperately looking for a movie to watch on YouTube, I stumbled across Avenger of the Seven Seas (1962) with Richard Harrison as David Robinson, Australian convict who becomes a British officer, mutinies, gets tied to the rocks to drown … Continue reading

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The Cartoons that Shaped my Childhood

My role-playing (and my brain for that matter!) were shaped by the cartoons of my childhood. Most of those you probably know: Spiderman, Star Trek, Space:1999, and of course the classic Looney Tunes, for example: and of course, “I guess … Continue reading

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Maleficent : Awful, Awful, Awful

I just watched Maleficent at my daughter’s behest, and the entire family agreed it was a complete waste. Rotten Tomatoes is overly generous with its rating, crediting Jolie with a fine performance (yes, it should be — she gets to … Continue reading

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Well, I went to the latest Hobbit movie (Desolation of Smaug) with the lowest of hopes, I thought. Not low enough as it turns out. About 20-30 minutes of the movie come from the book — the rest is made … Continue reading

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Pronouncing Smaug’s Name Wrong

And now for something completely nerdy. Peter Jackson’s minions are mispronouncing Smaug’s name. See below. Boy, that’s annoying. Everyone everywhere has always called Smaug “smog,” an early 20th century (or late 19th century) word combining “smoke” and “fog” to describe … Continue reading

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