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Recreating my World in Fractal Terrains 3, part 2

Last time I talked about doing the initial build of the world in Fractal Terrains 3. After I brought a PNG of it into, I created a variety of layers (plate tectonics, volcanic activity, ocean currents, wind currents) and … Continue reading

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Olaus Magnus’s Sea Monsters (1539)

Olaus Magnus produced the Carta Marina in 1539, in which he depicted a number of sea monsters. Antony Lafreri created copy of this in 1572. Magnus’s monsters are detailed by Slate magazine. It’s definitely worth a look, both to pick … Continue reading

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Recreating my World in Fractal Terrains 3, part 1

I’ve been running my campaign world since about 1982, and I’ve continuously refined the creatures, magic, people. Lately I’ve been unhappy with my world design from back then, as it was heavily influenced by Earth. I generated about 60 solar … Continue reading

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Daywood & Cooperative Character Creation

Last night was a wonderful, filled with great roleplaying. The only thing that would have made it better is treasure of some kind, but eventually that will come. Last night was session two of our new Pathfinder campaign. I was … Continue reading

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Insanity Rules

Source: I played a lot of Call of Cthulhu way back when, and enjoyed it immensely. Back then we weren’t terribly concerned about losing sanity, because in general our characters were killed by horrific monsters far before it happened. … Continue reading

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Wizard’s Spellbook Generator for Pathfinder (in Excel)

This Excel spreadsheet works pretty well. Input the level of the Wizard (1 through 20), his INT (10 through 45), and how developed the book is. The last is binary in nature. Either he only the spells that he got … Continue reading

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Maleficent : Awful, Awful, Awful

I just watched Maleficent at my daughter’s behest, and the entire family agreed it was a complete waste. Rotten Tomatoes is overly generous with its rating, crediting Jolie with a fine performance (yes, it should be — she gets to … Continue reading

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