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Savage Worlds Greyhawk: Death to the Gnolls, at a bargain price

Bodrie the Gnome invited the party to his home. Kaelix was ecstatic that he was addressed as a “friend” in the invitation. He drank too much at the party, and began to hug everyone. Deathgar, a Ranger from Gnarly Forest, … Continue reading

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Savage Worlds Greyhawk: Night of the Mad Kobold

We started a new campaign last night, using the Savage Worlds mechanics and the world of Oerth as the location. We started in the town of Cresthill on the Att River, west of the Free City of Greyhawk. The adventure … Continue reading

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Ourgikon (Arachnids): A Race for Savage Worlds

I created the Ourgikon race for a Pathfinder game back in 2012. I’ve adapted the idea for a Savage Worlds game. Hope you find it useful! Here is the PDF. Ourgikon aka. Arachnids Although humans call them Arachnids (or just … Continue reading

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