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MERP: Meeting with Rinis

Araluth gave a rousing description of deeds of glory that awaited the party at Goblin’s Gate, and convinced Bregor, a Highlander scout for the tower, to accompany them. Araluth, Elentari, Jor, Hammrammr, Bregor, and Morwen left the next day, leading … Continue reading

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NAVAH: The Cave of the Winter Wolves

Ian, Josette, and Ignar hunted the last of the winter wolves, assisted by Brendan, a hunter who had arrived too late for the main fight. Brendan was poorly equipped with leather armor for legs and arms, but he did have … Continue reading

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A List of Lovecraft’s Arkham Characters

When I was prepping for an Arkham campaign, I went through Lovecraft’s stories and put this list together of all the characters he mentioned. If you are running Call of Cthulhu (COC), you might find it useful. Lovecraft’s characters in … Continue reading

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Village & Town Maps

My players tend to be wanderers, moving from one town to the next. That means I have to have a lot of town map templates ready for them. One way I do this is save every town map I can … Continue reading

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Stone are My Walls

I got into an argument with the missus, who claimed that the performances on the Shai Dorsai! CD were different from those on the Songs of the Dorsai album from 1983. I claimed they were exactly the same and used … Continue reading

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More Paper Miniatures

Ok, here’s some more I’ve been working on. First the Gamma World Post-Apocalypse ones… Next, some women in armor, and a couple of guys. Enjoy!

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MERP: An Adventurer’s Pack & Kit (Equipment)

As an aid to others building their ranger kit in MERP, and perhaps for others building kits in other games, Araluth offers the following list. First, his clothing. Clothing, weapons, and armor do not count against encumbrance in MERP, if … Continue reading

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MERP: Return to Don Tirbirath

The party drifted across the small lake to the eastern wall of the Dark Valley. Landing on the rocky shore, Freya kept watch while Araluth and Elentari began to meditate. Hamrammr and Jor scrambled up the rocky slope and found … Continue reading

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Creative Juices

Two webcomics just appeared at the same time that illustrate the DM’s Dilemma: Do I kill the party to satisfy my ego or do I satisfy my ego by demonstrating how awesome I am in other ways? Check it out: … Continue reading

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