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Caught in the Grinder: Humans vs. Elves in Daywood

I’m playing in a Pathfinder campaign set in Daywood, a human colony plunked down smack in the middle of Wild Elf territory. Both races hate each other, and as mixed party of human and elves, we keep getting caught in … Continue reading

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Swords in Role-Playing Games

I’m in the middle of rewriting my rpg from top to bottom, so I went a bit nuts and did a lot of research on swords. I discovered, after many years of role-playing, that rpgs indiscriminately mix weapons from different … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Wizard Spells without Somatic Components

In hopes of wearing armor and making my wizard less vulnerable. I put this list together. Since he’s an Evoker, it looks like he’ll have to stick to Silkweave. There’s no way the DM is allowing Celestrial Mithral. Level Spell … Continue reading

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The Original Lost Delights, a BBS from 1989

I found this going through my files. It is an ad for the original Lost Delights, which was a bulletin board service (BBS) I ran before the days of the web. I had a 1200 baud modem, which was not … Continue reading

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Pirate Treasure Map for McCormick’s Creek Park, Indiana

When my son was about ten (2006), I made this treasure map for his birthday party. I mentioned it in a post on party games last week, and then found it this week. The Pirate’s Lair was a reserved shelter. … Continue reading

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Chess is not a RPG

John Wick wrote a great blog recently on roleplaying vs. wargaming, or as he phrased it, story-telling vs. gun porn. His primary argument is that, “In a roleplaying game, game balance does not matter.” What he seems to mean by … Continue reading

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Iron Rations in D&D & Pathfinder

D&D used to differentiate between trail rations and iron rations. The term “iron rations” dates from 1876, but it seems to have come to mean emergency military rations in the First World War. Both the Germans and English had iron … Continue reading

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