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Mavin Manyshaped, Shapechanger

The Transformation (changing into another creature) rules for the Journeyman system were greatly inspired by the talents of Mavin Manyshaped, one of my favorite heroines. Mastering Transformation allows you to advance to either Shapeshifting (changing oneself into a rock, imitating … Continue reading

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D&D Next, 1st adventure

In today’s adventure, my brother ran an introductory adventure in the town of Llost near Giant’s Pass. Sam (Hobbit Cleric), Quelial Tei Firalil (human Bard), and Sirianndur of Greywood (Wood Elf Ranger), ambushed goblins who had taken a mine and … Continue reading

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Runequest 6 Orlanthi Combat Styles (plus Dark Sun)

I like the use of combat styles to preserve the feel of different cultures in RQ6, but there isn’t a lot of guidance about what makes up those combat styles. Page 80 of the Essentials book has some samples. I … Continue reading

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Runequest 6 Character Generation Excel Chart

I am working up a character for Runequest 6, which is quite different from the 2nd edition I used to play. More races are available as characters, but with few rules on how to modify the stats. No worries, that … Continue reading

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Space: 1999, or John Byrnes and Joe Staton at Charlton

On an unrelated note, I was reading through my old comics this week and stumbled across Space:1999 from Charlton Comics, issue 6 (1976). It was a jolt from the past, because I suddenly remembered how I identified the alien in … Continue reading

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Robin Parry

Does anyone else remember the illustrations that Robin Parry used to do for the Adventurer magazine back in the 1980s? Beautiful stuff. Here’s an example, a poster of his cover for Adventurer #1. Robin wrote the cartoon “Once Bitten” for … Continue reading

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Summoning in Sertorius

My character in Sertorius is an orc Sertori named Aellios Helvatani, former Senator from Helvaro in the Caellum Republic. His only combat spell is Summon and slots for Summon are limited to double the number of points one puts into … Continue reading

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