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Savage Worlds Greyhawk: Death to the Gnolls, at a bargain price

Bodrie the Gnome invited the party to his home. Kaelix was ecstatic that he was addressed as a “friend” in the invitation. He drank too much at the party, and began to hug everyone. Deathgar, a Ranger from Gnarly Forest, … Continue reading

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Savage Worlds Greyhawk: Night of the Mad Kobold

We started a new campaign last night, using the Savage Worlds mechanics and the world of Oerth as the location. We started in the town of Cresthill on the Att River, west of the Free City of Greyhawk. The adventure … Continue reading

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The Village of Hommlet

Jason Thompson has created another cartoon map of a classic module, this time it’s the Village of Hommlet. Really takes me back! So I did a brief web search for other things related to that module, and found these: The … Continue reading

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Dungeonmastering Again

So I’m running my own campaign again (the Navah campaign) and loving it. But I’m a different referee than I used to be. Back in 2012, I talked about some of the checks I had to put on my ego … Continue reading

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The Redcliff Chronicles

Every once in a while I have the joy of discovering a well-crafted campaign, either as a party journal or as a collection of DM resources. Today I had the pleasure of finding the Redcliff Chronicles, a series of small … Continue reading

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Resources in the Internet Archive

I was cruising the web this morning and stumbled across a lot of fan-created resources saved on the Internet Archive, including the old net books. Here’s the ones most appealing to an old school gamer like me: Traveller fanzines, including … Continue reading

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Selling Wizard Spells in Greyhawk, Pathfinder Style

As an aspiring wizard in our Greyhawk campaign, Jarik Loretongue is trying to make ends meet. To do this, he’s started selling spells in the various towns we visit. He puts up flyers advertising Jarik Loretongue’s Famous Spells. Profit so … Continue reading

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