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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.

There were no borders in the Middle Ages

That’s what Matthew Gabriele says, anyways, in this week’s Forbes ( Really? I have a feeling that people definitely knew where their territory began and where it ended, and they defended those vociferously. That is true of most humans, including … Continue reading

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JOURNEYMAN: The Final Chapter aboard Ship

The party started on deck 8 of the Dorsal section. There was no gravity, no light, and no computer, until they reached the Jungle, which took up the bulk of Deck 8 in the Primary Hull. In the jungle, there … Continue reading

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Old Wômarin Dictionary, detailing the language of the Farthest East in Middle Earth

This dictionary was developed from the words shared atômarin, but builds upon those.  Old Wômarin was descended from Dragon Speech (D.S.) and bears a great resemblance to that language, so the Wômaw were essentially speaking Auld Wyrmish. I created this … Continue reading

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MERP: The Waters of Life

The party started in Imdorad (aka. The Mering Steps) at the beginning of the Entwash. Ruti (an Ohdriag mercenary) came into town and stayed at King’s Crown Inn. Sigrbrand (a Beorning mercenary who claimed to be Rohirrim) came to town … Continue reading

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JOURNEYMAN: Meeting the Synth

The party continues to explore the Enterprise (NC1701), an alien starship filled with Saurian crew members, all dead for 1000 years. On Deck 14, the party fell upwards from the turbolift. The gravity was reversed. Inside was a Saurian covered … Continue reading

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Front Gate

Liz Danforth ( is looking good too!

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Forward my Gallant Steed

Bill McLean ( has still got it.

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