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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.

MERP: The Party Escapes

With the goblins pounding on the door (aren’t they always?), the party rappels out the window to the roof below and then down to the parapet. They avoid discovery and enter an arch, go down two levels and enter an … Continue reading

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MERP: Still in the Damn Castle

The party is faltering. Jor has been captured. Araluth, Elentari, and Hanrammr are badly wounded and fighting four orcs on the stairs. And Tum is running higher and higher in the tower. Jor is taken before the goblin chief and … Continue reading

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NAVAH: The Winter Wolves

A new party started in Navah. Ian Fantron (warrior from Gardall) led two mercs from Anthavar — Josette (Spiritologist) and Ignar (burglar) — into the snowy hills to track six wolves that killed a little girl recently. Ian brought 2 … Continue reading

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TRAVELLER: Trojan Reach

Our party was small — just myself (a Vargr corsair with 2 Starburst for Extraordinary Heroism) and a Qwab (Newt) diplomat on Pallindrome. We were embedded with 2nd squad in the servant of Baroness Gloriana, along with another Vargr, and … Continue reading

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TRAVELLER: Preparing for Old School game in Trojan Reach

So we’re getting ready for a Classic Traveller game set in the Trojan Reach. I dug around and found my copy of Galactic 24c so I can act as navigator on my laptop, where I’ve installed dosbox. I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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MERP: The Most Fun I’ve had in Years

In the MERP campaign, our players explored the dungeon under the castle, after killing the orc guards last time. Elentari healed herself, Hammrammr, and then Araluth. Then we barricaded the doors up, then searched the orcs for money, and then … Continue reading

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Enjoying “The Expanse”

We started watching The Expanse this weekend, and are greatly enjoying it. A complex story with few major problems (so far). It is a SyFy channel series, and is a hard sf space opera involving a Cold War between Earth … Continue reading

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MERP: The Dark Dark Valley

The party faced two more challenges from the mad wizard, namely a room that threatened to electrocute them and then another that tried to freeze them. In both they solved the puzzles of the crooked way and so came to … Continue reading

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MUTANT WORLD: A Problem for the Party

At the end of the game last week, the party was stopped by a force that turned anything that crossed the final feet of the tunnel into a cloud of powder. Here’s the problem they face: A mile-long steam tunnel … Continue reading

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MERP: Eastward to Ostenfeld

After their abortive efforts at Eagle’s Nest last time, the party headed south on the trails and then eastwards, following the missing scouting party of the year before. They encountered thicker vegetation than they expected, so they took a side … Continue reading

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