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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.

Navah: The Qilin

Reasoning that the bandits must be based in Halfway, the party journeyed to that small village between the Grasslands and Aytal. They hoped to find a tavern or at least a supply shop, but there was neither. Instead they found … Continue reading

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Navah: The Party

The party operating in the borderlands between Aytal and the Grasslands is now complete. Character Player Quinn Marten Matt Kjorik Ulrerben Jack Fionnoula Mullan Jennifer Varna Canokin John Josh Philip Nelson Brewer NPC Mayra Riggen NPC The original four members … Continue reading

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Journeyman: It is finally published!

After many years of developing and playtesting (thirty years actually!), I’ve finally published my Journeyman game, which runs in the world of Navah. Also published are a price list for players and a map of the Barony of Rodes, which … Continue reading

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Mockman’s Works, Gathered

Matt Schmeer gathered Mockman’s various works and linked to them at  Check it out!

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Roll20: Finally some Character Portraits of Color

I create all my own minis for Roll20 using pictures of actual minis or character portraits. The residents of my world Navah do not discriminate by skin color, and there is a lot more color in the population. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading

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Traveller: Sentient Races Statistics

Back in the 1980s I made up a list of sentient races for Traveller, both the canon races (Hiver, K’Kree, etc.) and non-canon stuff from Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve added a couple since then, and made it available … Continue reading

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Navah: The Heart of the Minotaur

One of the players couldn’t make it tonight, so we did a quick side adventure. The players who showed up heard a woman scream and followed it to find 3 goblins dragging her into a mountain cave. Assisted by Josh, … Continue reading

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