Mutant World: Corpseville on the Lake

Colt and Rolff led the way, though Hawk was assumed to be still scouting and Galzra still translating the ancient language. Rolff also discovered that he had acquired Magnetic Control after his encounter with high radiation last session.

First, the adventurers sold last session’s treasure and used Colt to buy TL5 gear from Mourne, including more guns and ammo. They then went down to the Ancient Town near the Lake to the south, which they had previously avoided. On the way, Lark was nearly killed by a flying creature with bat wings, and the party was hard-pressed to drive off a Latterbug (giant ladybug). When they began searching the town, they fought 3 zombies, and Rolff was bitten. They were forced to chop off Rolff’s left leg at the knee. Rolff’s synthetic skin helped him recover and he was soon back exploring, albeit with an improvised crutch (they would purchase his pegleg on their next visit to Telph). They found an ATM and garnered 56 credits and several stacks of individual sheets of toilet paper. Among the treasure they found was 5 chemical energy cells, 4 Sidrian flame gems, and 1 does of G23 MI Combat Synthetic. 3 flying brown and black bugs landed and the party hid as the bugs walked upright and communicated with chitters. The bugs explored the ruins while the party watched, until one of the bugs suddenly expired near a chasm on the north end of town. The other bugs flew off and the party investigated. After spotting a number of skeletons in the area, they decided to keep their distance (for now) and explore more of the houses. They were rewarded with 2 more zombies, and this time Colt was bitten (twice). Rolff successfully stopped the infection by jamming his torch into Colt’s wounds, and Colt succeeded in his roll and did not immediately shoot Rolff in the head. They returned to Telph with their latest booty, hiding when a buzzing sounds went overhead.

Next week, they continue on the path to the southeast.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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